First squad of international police recruits join WA's frontline

22 December 2023

The first group of qualified international police officers has graduated from an intensive 13-week transitional training course.

  • Dozens of qualified international police officers ready to protect Western Australia
  • First squad of many to complete transitional training as part of a major State Government recruitment drive
  • More than 4,200 applicants, including 1,556 skilled overseas officers, have applied to join the WA Police Force since the campaign began

The first group of qualified international police officers has graduated from an intensive 13-week transitional training course.

Thirty experienced police recruits, including 27 officers from overseas, have joined Western Australia's frontline, each bringing a minimum of three years on the job experience to the Force. 

One thousand five hundred and fifty-six police officers from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand have applied to become part of WA's blue family, since the State Government launched a major international recruitment campaign in October last year.

In addition to the wave of international interest, more than 2,663 Western Australians plus 20 interstate applicants have also put their hands up to join the Force during the same period.   

A Labour Agreement with the Federal Government allows highly trained police officers from the UK or Ireland to be granted a working visa to join WA Police, placing them on a pathway to citizenship.

The WA Police Force plans to recruit 750 international officers over a five-year period.

The Joondalup Police Academy doubled its capacity in July allowing 1,000 officers to begin training over a 12-month period.

Comments attributed to Police Minister Paul Papalia:

"It's incredible to have these experienced officers bolstering the WA Police Force frontline just in time for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

"In addition to the 30 transitional officers, 49 new recruits graduated from the Joondalup Academy a fortnight ago and five more classes are due to complete training by Easter.

"We look forward to further boosting police numbers throughout the New Year, with a huge pool of applicants eager to sign up. 

"In total, 4,239 people have applied to become part of the WA Police Force in the past 14 months, including 2,663 Western Australians and more than 1,555 experienced international officers."

Comments attributed to Police Commissioner Col Blanch:

"Western Australia is an incredible place to both live and work as a police officer, and I want

to welcome the new international recruits to the Force.

"One of the benefits of receiving so much interest from experienced international officers wanting to join WA Police is that we are able to select the best of the best.  

"We've employed more than 50 overseas officers already as part of this recruitment campaign and we have another transitional course set to begin in January.

"The WA Police Force will continue to recruit both local and international officers to better protect Western Australia."