Privacy Policy

The Australian Labor Party values your privacy, and follows current Australian best practice guidelines to ensure your privacy is protected.


Generally, any information collected by Australian Labor is provided by you when you chose to stay up to date. This normally includes your name, address and any preferences chosen by you in creating your profile. This information helps us customise your online experience to suit your interests and passions. We will not share your information with anyone else, except where legally allowed, or required (such as for donations to Australian Labor and petitions to the Australian Parliament). We do not store credit card information.


When you comment on our content, you are acknowledging that your comments will be published with your name and your suburb. We do not allow anonymous comments. Australian Labor is moderated and any comments that are defamatory or otherwise inappropriate will be removed.


We remind and encourage you not to disclose any personal information when commenting on content. Participants acknowledge that Australian Labor cannot control the use of information you post publicly on this site.


When organising a petition, Australian Labor will collect information required by the petition. From time to time, Australian Labor will also conduct surveys designed to improve your website experience. Australian Labor collects non-identifying information relating to website usage by visitors to the website via cookies in order to improve your website experience. This information includes time, date, IP address, browser and other general website usage information.



Generally we collect information that you provide in the registration process, petitions, or surveys from a variety of sources. Information is also collected on third party platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, if you agree on these platforms to share this information. Cookies are used to collect non-identifying information.



Information is collected to improve, personalise and customise your website experience. Information is also used to communicate with you about various material. In addition, Australian Labor has specific obligations under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to disclose donations. When a donation is made we will record the necessary information, but do not store credit card information. See the section under Donations.



All e-mails sent via automated mailing lists will clearly identify Australian Labor or its representative as the sender and will include a suitable method for unsubscribing.


Disclosure of Information

Personal information provided to Australian Labor and information collected by Australian Labor will not be disclosed to any other third party except where legally required. In the case of credit card transactions, the IP address of the visitor may be recorded, however this information will not be used or disclosed except where legally required.



Donations up to $1,500 to registered political parties may be tax deductible. Donations of over $12,100 are subject to disclosure under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. This is the reason we require your personal details when making a donation.



This work is copyright. Permission is given for non-profit electronic viewing and distribution. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, this material may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission providing the material is not altered in any way and due acknowledgement is given. Any person wishing to distribute this material should seek also advice on their legal obligations under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.



Some of the images of sitting parliamentarians used on this site are courtesy of AUSPIC and may not be used without AUSPIC’s consent. Some of the electorate and electoral information, particularly during election periods, is made available courtesy of the Australian Electoral Commission. Copyright ©, Australian Electoral Commission, 1998-2010. All rights reserved. If you've got something to say, Australian Labor would like to know about it. We would encourage you to engage with this website. In addition, you can provide feedback directly to Labor's parliamentary team by using the e-mail address on each of their pages.